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Yu-Gi-Oh! Goodfics

Finding that special something in a fandom that's too big.

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Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh! Goodfics. This community has been set up for YGO fans out there who'd like to recommend what they think are great YGO fanfics, and provide other people with access to them. It's often very hard to find a good fanfic in the mass of sites like Fanfiction.net and MediaMiner, etc, and so hopefully this community will make it a bit easier to find fanfics that are worth reading.

Please read the rules for this community. If you don't stick to them, I'll know about it.

The Recommendation Format

Pairings (if applicable):
Summary: (copy the summary of the story)
Why it's good:

Other communities to check out, if you're into Yu-Gi-Oh!:

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ygo_lyricwheel - A lyricwheel challenge community, where people get together and exchange songs that fit a theme, then the suggestions are randomized and everyone writes!

This community was created by telcontar and is currently maintained by atemu_girl and the_sweet. Any comments, questions, concerns, or donations of food/bishounen/etc. are gladly accepted at their journals.