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Jun. 13th, 2008 @ 11:03 pm [Genfic - Crossover with Cowboy Bebop] Have You Met Miss Jones?
About this Entry
Title: Have you met Miss Jones?
Author: LeDiz
Genre: Genfic
Rating: T
Summary: Crossover with Cowboy Bebop as part of the Boiz and Gurlz LiveJournal Challenge. Jounouchi and Faye, cryogenics, ancestors and terrifying possibilities...

Why It's Good:

Good, solid characterisation, though Jounouchi does come off as slightly more self-aware than he seems in canon. However, this might just be because I like the idea of him being a loveably loyal idiot with patches of genius and reallyreallyreally good luck (thinking of the make up of his deck and how he duels on this one). He’s still a loveable idiot in this, especially in opening exchange with Faye, so don’t think he’s written totally against type. It’s more that this is Jounouchi after a lot of stuff has happened to him rather than mid-canon. The basic fic idea is an interesting premise and features both a poignant connection and gorgeous trading of snark. Seriously, I love LeDiz’s dialogue. Through it she casts the ‘relationship’ between Jounouchi and Faye in a light I can buy and the ending fills in enough details while leaving just enough up to your imagination to make you shiver with delight that two disparate canons could be mixed so well.


“Cry-o-gen-ics,” she pronounced slowly, “is freezing a person’s body while they’re still alive so that they remain perfectly alive and well through years and years until they finally get unfrozen. Like me; I was frozen for fifty-four years. And judging from that tent, I’m still as sexy as I ever was.”

“Wow. You really are an old woman.”

Her foot lashed out again, but he caught it in his hands, grinning furiously. “Ah, ah, ahh…! Play nice, Gran’ma. Don’t want you to hurt yourself!”

“You little –!”

“Jounouchi!” Anzu cried, at the same time as the old man looked around at them, irritated.


“What?” they both demanded, then shot each other nasty glares and sat back again.