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Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh Goodfic, a place where members of the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom can gather to recommend quality fics!

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Dec. 16th, 2016 @ 03:25 pm Yugioh the New Gospel of Truth (Part 7)
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Takahashi released a book called the Gospel of Truth. It has a pretentious name but all it did was give character profiles. It gives basic information about them like their age, height, date of birth, deck they use, and win and loss rates. I will do a similar thing, giving profiles for all of my characters in Season 2, except I will go into more detail over their dueling styles and basic personalities as creative beings. I divided all my characters into separate groups and will post one group a day so readers won't get overwhelmed.



Name:                             Maria Wight
Creative Spirit:              Inner Strength, Light
Play Style:                      Power
Specialized Decks:       Normal Monster, Blue Eyes, Other Dragon Decks
Occupations:                 Professional duelist
Ka Spirit:                        Blue Eyes White Dragon
Favorite Monster:         Blue Eyes White Dragon
Duelist Rank:                 8 (Expert Duelist)
Nationality:                    English

Date of Birth
(Gregorian Calendar):    19 February 1986
Date of Birth
(13 Month Calendar):     Day 22 Month 2 Year -26
Height:                               1.70m (5’7'')
Weight:                              48k (107 lbs)
Blood Type:                       AB-
Favorite Food:                  None
Least Favorite Food:       None
Portrayed by:                    Amanda Seyfried



Name:                              Ryu Akira
Creative Spirit:               Power
Play Style:                        Boss Monster
Specialized Decks:         Qliphort
Occupations:                   Professional duelist
Ka Spirit:                          Apoqliphort Towers
Favorite Monster:          Apoqliphort Towers
Duelist Rank:                  7 (Expert Duelist)
Nationality:                     Japanese

Date of Birth
(Gregorian Calendar):    31 August 1990
Date of Birth
(13 Month Calendar):     Day 19 Month 9 Year -22
Height:                               1.68m (5’6'')
Weight:                              54k (119 lbs)
Blood Type:                       A+
Favorite Food:                  Sushi
Least Favorite Food:       Fish
Portrayed by:                    Masataka Kubota



Name:                              Michael Gould
Creative Spirit:              Elegance
Play Style:                       Boss Monster
Specialized Decks:        Shaddoll
Occupations:                  Professional duelist
Ka Spirit:                         Shadoll Construct
Favorite Monster:         Shadoll Construct
Duelist Rank:                 7 (Expert Duelist)
Nationality:                    Canadian

Date of Birth
(Gregorian Calendar):     16 October 1980
Date of Birth
(13 Month Calendar):      Day 9 Month 11 Year -32
Height:                                1.83m (6’0'')
Weight:                               75k (165 lbs)
Blood Type:                        O-
Favorite Food:                   Steak
Least Favorite Food:        Green Beans
Portrayed by:                     Chris Evans

Jan. 29th, 2015 @ 10:20 pm Yugioh! Children of Prometheus 2: A New Dawn
About this Entry
My fic. I am the author. I know, it's shameless self-promotion, but it's really good. I promise.

Title: Yugioh! Children of Prometheus 2: A New Dawn
Author: Moi
Genre: Very Darkfic
Rating: T or R
Pairings: None. All characters are original.
Summary: Maya is now a professional duelist but is very disenchanted with her efforts to change dueling for the better. To make things worse she is in mounds of debt, has many powerful enemies, and the Ghouls are hunting her down. She enters the World Championship in hopes of fixing her problems.

As is the prequel. It's called Legend of the White Dragon, but it's a bad name. In hindsight I would have liked to have named Yugioh! Children of Prometheus: The Rebel

Title: Yugioh! Children of Prometheus: The Rebel (or Legend of the White Dragon)
Author: Moi
Genre: Very Darkfic
Rating: T or R
Pairings: None. All characters are original.
Summary: Four NYC highschool misfits (Maya, JC, Jolene, Yukio) join the professional dueling world. They discover that it is unfortunately a microcosmos of society, full of corruption and priviledges. They must beat the rich Matthew and his own team: The Shining Crusaders.
Nov. 24th, 2008 @ 10:44 pm [Darkfic - T] Up In Smoke
About this Entry
YGO - Anzu/Yuugi fic come to life
Title: Up In Smoke
Author: Fleeting Illicit Delicious
Genre: Darkfic
Rating: T
Pairings (if applicable): Minor Yuugi/Anzu
Summary: Perhaps the reason why Anzu is moving away from Yuugi isn't the reason Yuugi thinks. Dark.
Why it's good:

I won’t lie; there are several problems with this fic. It’s not perfect and I can’t make excuses for that. Usually I’d run a mile before I’d rec something that has faults my students would make, and which I would usually take a red pen to, but … I can’t help it. There’s something about this fic that just appeals to me on a very basic level. The execution may have problems, but the idea itself is engaging, and despite the problems there’s undeniable talent in the writing here. It’s Yuugi, it’s Anzu, and it’s one of those what-if scenarios that are so intriguing for their simplicity. This isn’t fluffy, it’s dark as pouring a barrel of pitch in the middle of a black-out, but it’s not just gratuitous angst. There’s also an air of mystery to it, and even when you finally figure out what’s wrong with Anzu, the fic still leaves you shivering with its ending. I suppose it could be construed as horror in some ways, but it’s also quite incisive in some of its characterisation and observations of the pair of them – Yuugi’s naiveté at the beginning of canon, Anzu’s reluctance to be his friend, and the bond that ultimately brings them together, although this time with disastrous consequences.  
Jun. 18th, 2008 @ 12:10 am recommendation for Kaiba oneshot
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Kaiba ripping off tie, fangirl squee
I just stumbled into this community accidentally, and am very glad to have found it. I have a single recommendation at the moment.

Title: Seto Kaiba of Pern
Author: Lucidscreamer
Genre: crossover oneshot
Rating: K
Pairings: none
Summary: Fusion with Dragonriders of Pern. To his father's displeasure, Seto confronts a Bronzerider on Search.

Why it's good: extremely short oneshot that places Kaiba in the context of Anne McCaffrey's Pern.  The characterization of Seto and family rings true, and this is also an excellent Pern story as well, fitting into that universe perfectly.
Jun. 13th, 2008 @ 11:03 pm [Genfic - Crossover with Cowboy Bebop] Have You Met Miss Jones?
About this Entry
Title: Have you met Miss Jones?
Author: LeDiz
Genre: Genfic
Rating: T
Summary: Crossover with Cowboy Bebop as part of the Boiz and Gurlz LiveJournal Challenge. Jounouchi and Faye, cryogenics, ancestors and terrifying possibilities...

Why It's Good:

Good, solid characterisation, though Jounouchi does come off as slightly more self-aware than he seems in canon. However, this might just be because I like the idea of him being a loveably loyal idiot with patches of genius and reallyreallyreally good luck (thinking of the make up of his deck and how he duels on this one). He’s still a loveable idiot in this, especially in opening exchange with Faye, so don’t think he’s written totally against type. It’s more that this is Jounouchi after a lot of stuff has happened to him rather than mid-canon. The basic fic idea is an interesting premise and features both a poignant connection and gorgeous trading of snark. Seriously, I love LeDiz’s dialogue. Through it she casts the ‘relationship’ between Jounouchi and Faye in a light I can buy and the ending fills in enough details while leaving just enough up to your imagination to make you shiver with delight that two disparate canons could be mixed so well.


“Cry-o-gen-ics,” she pronounced slowly, “is freezing a person’s body while they’re still alive so that they remain perfectly alive and well through years and years until they finally get unfrozen. Like me; I was frozen for fifty-four years. And judging from that tent, I’m still as sexy as I ever was.”

“Wow. You really are an old woman.”

Her foot lashed out again, but he caught it in his hands, grinning furiously. “Ah, ah, ahh…! Play nice, Gran’ma. Don’t want you to hurt yourself!”

“You little –!”

“Jounouchi!” Anzu cried, at the same time as the old man looked around at them, irritated.


“What?” they both demanded, then shot each other nasty glares and sat back again.


Mar. 21st, 2008 @ 09:05 pm YGO/Cowboy Bebop fic
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Click here for the rec and link to a really good YGO/Cowboy Bebop fic.
Aug. 2nd, 2007 @ 04:47 pm A hot cup of Jou ... nouchi. With a Shizuka biscotti.
About this Entry

Big Brother by MyAibou

From the moment she came into his life, he'd been defined by one thing: being Big Brother.


Rec!view: This is the sort of fic that sweeps me off my feet. Jounouchi and Shizuka’s relationship can be so cliché (and I’m talking in canon as well as fanfiction), but this fic just … provokes that little “Oh!” that makes trolling through dreck worthwhile. It's all. About. The characters. Seriously, this is the fic that turned me around about Jounouchi and got me to recognise the far-reaching implications of Shizuka’s operation. The summary really doesn't do this fic justice, although it is accurate – Jounouchi and Shizuka’s bond of quiet devotion, unwavering love, selfless adoration and hopefulness that things can and will get better with persistence. If all fics about these two were like this, if the emotion were all written like this and felt like this, I’d read them more often. 

X-posted to Scribosaurus Recs!

Jan. 21st, 2007 @ 03:13 am [...]
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« pkmn ◦ cresselia » fly me to the moon
Current Mood: impressedimpressed
Title: Silence Settles Over Night

Author: Aditou

Genre: General/Tragedy

Rating: T

Pairings (if applicable): Mahaado/Isis, though it's really up to how you interpret it.

Summary: As the moon watches, unblinking, Mahaado and Isis speak of what is, what will be, and what could have been.

Why it's good: For a couple of characters that get so little attention in this fandom, this author writes them surprisingly well. The fic itself is rather short, and that's really all it needs - the meaning behind the dialogue and action comes across very clearly to the reader. There are a few minor grammatical errors, but to me they got completely lost in the beautiful imagery this fic provided. ♥ And that's really all I can say about it, as I feel that it speaks for itself far more than I could. :3;
Dec. 22nd, 2006 @ 04:56 pm Scribosaurus Recs! - YGO through a much darker lens
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Current Mood: fullfull

Title: Written Evidence 



T to Adult thanks to some mature themes (note: mature, not smutty).

Could be Y/YY, but that's open to interpretation.

Another way it could’ve gone for Yuugi…

Why it's good: 
I know what I want to say about this fic … I think. I know what I like about it … I think. I know I should start writing a proper review soon … I think. That’s the strength of this fic – its ability to make you think. Even the format is designed to make you imagine and fill in the blanks by yourself, rather than spelling everything out for you in day-glo colours. On that note, abandon day-glo all who enter here, for this is darkfic in its purest form. It will suck the light out of anything that approaches, or at the very least twist it into something darker and grotesque. What sticks out most in my mind is that ... with a lot of darkfic overuse of imagery comes off as pretentious, but the talent of this author uses it to pitch the tone exactly right for this situation. It was … kind of like foreplay, actually. Oh, now don’t look at me like that. There are lots of fics I’d compare to foreplay. Unfortunately this might be because they make me impatient and wish that the whole thing would just hurry up and get to the good stuff. But with this fic it feels more like it actually is building up to something, and then sucker-punches the reader by making you provide the good stuff yourself, but be happy about doing so. Not many fics can do that, and I adore its cleverness in this … I think.


Nov. 13th, 2006 @ 06:00 pm Seto/Kisara, PG-13, "Tryst"
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Triplets of Bellville: most intrepid
Title: Tryst
Author: luckychan
Genre: Romance, dash of angst
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Seto/Kisara
Summary: One of the pairings that get so little attention from the fandom. Seto Kaiba has finally settled down and married...and yet his young wife fears that she may not be as faithful to him as it seems, because some nights she dreams of another...a man she knew she once loved, and still loves.
Why it's good: Characterisation, with a side of good-OTP-fluff. I like the way Kisara comes across as devoted even in the modern age, and it adresses the differences between Priest Seto and Seto Kaiba well. And it's atmospheric - I can see everything, from the desert to the bedroom. A short, sweet, lovely fic.