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Nov. 24th, 2008 @ 10:44 pm [Darkfic - T] Up In Smoke
About this Entry
YGO - Anzu/Yuugi fic come to life
Title: Up In Smoke
Author: Fleeting Illicit Delicious
Genre: Darkfic
Rating: T
Pairings (if applicable): Minor Yuugi/Anzu
Summary: Perhaps the reason why Anzu is moving away from Yuugi isn't the reason Yuugi thinks. Dark.
Why it's good:

I won’t lie; there are several problems with this fic. It’s not perfect and I can’t make excuses for that. Usually I’d run a mile before I’d rec something that has faults my students would make, and which I would usually take a red pen to, but … I can’t help it. There’s something about this fic that just appeals to me on a very basic level. The execution may have problems, but the idea itself is engaging, and despite the problems there’s undeniable talent in the writing here. It’s Yuugi, it’s Anzu, and it’s one of those what-if scenarios that are so intriguing for their simplicity. This isn’t fluffy, it’s dark as pouring a barrel of pitch in the middle of a black-out, but it’s not just gratuitous angst. There’s also an air of mystery to it, and even when you finally figure out what’s wrong with Anzu, the fic still leaves you shivering with its ending. I suppose it could be construed as horror in some ways, but it’s also quite incisive in some of its characterisation and observations of the pair of them – Yuugi’s naiveté at the beginning of canon, Anzu’s reluctance to be his friend, and the bond that ultimately brings them together, although this time with disastrous consequences.