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Aug. 2nd, 2007 @ 04:47 pm A hot cup of Jou ... nouchi. With a Shizuka biscotti.
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Big Brother by MyAibou

From the moment she came into his life, he'd been defined by one thing: being Big Brother.


Rec!view: This is the sort of fic that sweeps me off my feet. Jounouchi and Shizuka’s relationship can be so cliché (and I’m talking in canon as well as fanfiction), but this fic just … provokes that little “Oh!” that makes trolling through dreck worthwhile. It's all. About. The characters. Seriously, this is the fic that turned me around about Jounouchi and got me to recognise the far-reaching implications of Shizuka’s operation. The summary really doesn't do this fic justice, although it is accurate – Jounouchi and Shizuka’s bond of quiet devotion, unwavering love, selfless adoration and hopefulness that things can and will get better with persistence. If all fics about these two were like this, if the emotion were all written like this and felt like this, I’d read them more often. 

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