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Dec. 22nd, 2006 @ 04:56 pm Scribosaurus Recs! - YGO through a much darker lens
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Title: Written Evidence 



T to Adult thanks to some mature themes (note: mature, not smutty).

Could be Y/YY, but that's open to interpretation.

Another way it could’ve gone for Yuugi…

Why it's good: 
I know what I want to say about this fic … I think. I know what I like about it … I think. I know I should start writing a proper review soon … I think. That’s the strength of this fic – its ability to make you think. Even the format is designed to make you imagine and fill in the blanks by yourself, rather than spelling everything out for you in day-glo colours. On that note, abandon day-glo all who enter here, for this is darkfic in its purest form. It will suck the light out of anything that approaches, or at the very least twist it into something darker and grotesque. What sticks out most in my mind is that ... with a lot of darkfic overuse of imagery comes off as pretentious, but the talent of this author uses it to pitch the tone exactly right for this situation. It was … kind of like foreplay, actually. Oh, now don’t look at me like that. There are lots of fics I’d compare to foreplay. Unfortunately this might be because they make me impatient and wish that the whole thing would just hurry up and get to the good stuff. But with this fic it feels more like it actually is building up to something, and then sucker-punches the reader by making you provide the good stuff yourself, but be happy about doing so. Not many fics can do that, and I adore its cleverness in this … I think.